Pucker up because today (7/6) is International Kissing Day - and would you believe there's even an official survey telling us how, where, when and why we kiss. It's called the annual 'Kiss and Tell Survey.'

Each year National surveys a thousand Americans. Granted, the results don't change a lot from year-to-year, but when it comes to kissing most of us think we're pretty good at it. In fact, 23% ranked themselves as being "amazing kissers."

While most of us had our first kiss in middle or high school, 8% of Americans said they didn't pucker up till they reached college. And as for the biggest kiss turn offs - too much teeth, tongue - and the real deal breaker, bad breath.

A few of the other things I learned from this year's survey:

  • There are all sorts of kisses, for all sorts of reasons. There's the peck on the cheek, the full on the mouth kiss and the French Kiss (the favorite among lovers).
  • People are not the only creatures to kiss. Apes, cats, dogs and dolphins are among the animals that have been known to share a kiss or two.
  • Kissing can transmit 80 million microbes of bacteria.
  • The World Record Longest Kiss: Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarathold from Thailand (58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds).
  • 14% of Americans let their pets kiss them on their mouth.

One last thing - closing your eyes while kissing was found to be a very favorable thing.

So close your eyes, pucker those lips and here's hoping you have a happy kissing day!

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