If you ever went to a sold out show at the Sioux Falls Arena, you remember that it would take you a little extra time to get out of the parking lot after the show, but you generally could find a place to park in the lot.

Now with the opening of the new Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, we're going to put more people in the building, with less parking spots, so the city has come up with some ideas to help you whether you're going to the sold out Jason Aldean concert Friday or any future sold out show.

The first couple of tips are simple. Car pool and come early. A sold out show is going to put roughly 12,000 people in the new building. There are 4000 parking spots. Simple math tells you that if it's just you and a friend or significant other, there aren't enough spots. So buddy up with more friends or another couple which will help.

The doors will also be opening early for shows. They opened at 5pm for the Joan Jett 7pm show. Doors will open at 6:30 Friday. Also there are new security measures in place at the new events center. There are a number of things you can't bring in and security is now 'wanding' all patrons coming in which takes a few extra seconds but as everyone has been used to rolling up to a show 15 minutes before it starts, that can become a problem. There were quite a few people that missed a good portion of Starship last Wednesday night because they got there late and still had to go through security before getting in to the show. Don't be that guy.

There are several hundred street parking spaces around the neighborhood to utilize and there are also three park and ride lots in the area where shuttle buses will be running: Terrace Park, Burnside Park and Elmwood Golf Course starting at 6:30pm.

Leaving the concert is another big concern.  It'll restrict traffic on Western Avenue. If you park on the south side of the Events Center, you'll only be allowed to use two left turning lanes to exit to the south. If you park on the north side, you'll only be allowed to travel north on Western Avenue using two right turning lanes.

The best tip? Try to keep a good attitude. You're seeing a show that we likely wouldn't have been able to attract in the old facility. You're not paying a parking fee like you would in most metropolitan areas. You know in advance that there are going to be a LOT of people there so again, come early and plan on it taking some time to leave after the show. Other than that, have a GREAT time!