Over the course of this past holiday weekend, I took a little time to try to catch up on things that have been wanting me in our house. One of them is a sink that we have in the guest bathroom where the stopper has been missing.

For about 8 years!  Hey I've been busy!

Our son Logan was home so I thought, I've got back up, and thought I'd give it a try.

Things started out simple enough with a trip to Ace Hardware, but then things got a little bit complicated. I probably could have started with reading the directions on the back of the package with the new sink stopper, or whatever it's called.

As you can gather right now, I'm not much of a plumber, I'm not much of a handyman. But we dove in anyway.

We started Saturday afternoon about an hour and a half before church and let me put it this way, we decided to stop for church, pray for guidance on our plumbing escapade, and pick up where we left off after dinner.

I have a simple update The drain now works after 8 years of not having an operative plunger. You know, also having to take the remove the trap to pull out rings and other things that had fell down the drain. I can now say it works!

Side note: We left an ice cream pail underneath as an insurance policy.

How about you? Did you tackle any home project over the Thanksgiving weekend that you've been waiting to do for a long time? If you did, make sure you let me know by sending me a quick email a JD Collins and kikn. Com.

By the way, shout out to all the plumbers of the world! You're worth the $100 an hour plus salary that you command.

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