Anyone that has lived in the Sioux Falls area for a long time no doubt remembers the iconic bar, The Pomp Room.

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of money I spent in that place on libations growing up in the 80s and 90s. And that's back when a beer only cost one, I repeat, ONE dollar!

Come to think of it, the outer sole on a couple of pairs of shoes I own is still sticky from all the beer that was spilt on the Pomp Room carpet throughout the years. Remember the carpet in that place? Talk about gross!

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I distinctly remember my Friday and Saturday night routine back then was to start at the Crow Bar (the old location) further north on Minnesota Avenue, then head downtown to Night City, which eventually became Jamz, and then ultimately wind up each night at the Pomp. Good times indeed. Lots of memories and LOTS of hangovers to go along with all those memories!!

Anyway, I was reading recently in Pigeon 605 that the movie "The Pomp Room: A Rock N Rock Bar Story” is scheduled to show in Sioux Falls later this month.

If you're not familiar with the movie, two guys named Austin Kaus and Jesse Yost made the motion picture documentary, not for profit but more so as a devotion to a downtown Sioux Falls icon bar that created a rock and roll family of fans.

As Kaus and Yost wait to see if their labor of love will be accepted into any film festivals. Pigeon 605 reports they are giving Pomp Room fans here in the Sioux Empire an opportunity to stroll down memory lane again by watching all the great musical memories they've assembled throughout the Pomp Room era in Sioux Falls.

The Pomp Room
Pigeon 605 (with permission)

And talk about musical memories. Who in Sioux Falls doesn't remember seeing local, iconic bands, like; Wakefield, the Glory Holes, 12 1/2 Charlies, and Janitor Bob play?

Then there are all the stories of the national acts that were in Sioux Falls to perform that ended up crashing the Pomp, like; Cheap Trick, Lita Ford, Marilyn Manson, Rick Derringer, the Little River Band, and even freaking Steven Tyler and Aerosmith! That is crazy when you think about it! MTV even captured that moment on film back in the day.

The Ertz family, who operated the Pomp Room from 1971 to 1998, did a phenomenal job of booking some extremely talented artists and bands to play the Pomp Room stage throughout the years.

Like me, if you would like to relive some of those awesome rock n roll memories again, the documentary "The Pomp Room: A Rock N Rock Bar Story” will be showing at the Westmall 7 Theaters September 16-22nd. Tickets are available now on the Westmall 7 website.

And according to the Pigeon 605 story, Kaus and Yost have agreed to donate $2.00 from every ticket sold during the Westmall showings to the Children’s Home Society’s music and arts program. A great cause for what is sure to be a great movie!

Source: Pigeon 605

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