Ah, the magic of the microwave.

Don't you love popping in those leftovers into the microwave oven? Just a minute or two and bingo! A delicious plate of spaghetti or leftover roast, maybe just a bowl of microwave popcorn while you watch that classic movie on TV you love.

But please, keep your urine out of the microwave.

Seriously, I guess we have a problem with that down in Florida.

A convenience store owner in the Jacksonville area is getting tired of people bringing their urine into his store, popping it into the microwave, warming it up nicely and then 'See ya'. (How'd you like to put that burrito into the microwave after watching that?)

The owner says there are two drug testing labs within walking distance of his store and, well, I guess it is a 'convenience' store.

He says a woman got aggressive with him recently when he asked her to please not warm her urine in his store's microwave. She got all persnickety and said there was no sign saying she couldn't warm her pee in that microwave!

So he made one.

Yes...yes. If you happen to be in the Jacksonville area and stop for some gas and maybe a snack, you could well see a sign that says something to the effect of 'Please Keep Your Urine To Yourself'.

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