Image Via Natasha
Image Via Natasha
Pizza Hut is bringing back its Cheesy Bites Pizza and I for one am ecstatic! As a pizza connoisseur, I really enjoy it when pizza restaurants get creative and come out with strange and unique pizzas. Like when
Little Caesars came out with the pretzel crust pizza and in Topeka,
Glory Days Pizza has a baked potato pizza! (Which I hope we get it here.)

Anyway back to Pizza Hut, the Cheesy Bites Pizza has a crust of 28, melty cheese-filled bites if you are not familiar with the pie. The popular pizza chain has been offering this pizza during the summertime since 2006 and its only available for a limited time.

Also if you are apart of Hut Rewards Program, every dollar you spend ordering food online will earn Hut Rewards members two points toward a free pizza! Now if they would only bring back the insider pizza which I strongly enjoyed back 2000!


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