Friday night at The District I was honored to be asked to emcee the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer "Pink Party" for the American Cancer Society of South Dakota. A total of $30,000 was raised to help fund programs locally.

One of those programs is called "Look Good, Feel Better." It is a class where women can learn how to do their make up and other things while they suffer the effects of chemotherapy. My wife took this and not only enjoyed it but found it to be extremely beneficial.

The night started with four teams of 8 - 12 women pulling a pink cement truck from Concrete Materials weighing almost 7 tons. It was impressive. The fastest team pulled the truck the required 30 feet in 9.03 seconds.

My wife Crystal spoke as well. We don't have a picture because we were both on stage at the time.

Stacey Kracht

The "real men who wore pink" participated in a pink fashion show. The winner was Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Chief Brad Goodroad. He wore really flashy pink plaid pants. I asked and he told me his wife got them on eBay, if you're interested.

My co-emcee, Kelsie Passolt of KDLT News, was dressed much better than I was. She had to go back to work and do the 10:00 P.M. news, thus the dress. That clothing choice did not stop her from joining her team and pulling the truck for the second best time.

Stacey Kracht