The conditions were just right in Sioux Falls for the creation of hoarfrost. Sioux Falls woke up on Sunday morning to just about everything covered in fluffy frost. Grass, trees even chainlink fences were covered in hoarfrost. It made for a scene that would be straight out of a book or movie. Check out the gallery below.

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Some people spell it out with a space; hoar frost. Either way, you spell it, in 2023, the name is rather unfortunate for reasons that I don't need to go into here. This frost got its name from the Old English word "hoar" which means "showing signs of old age" because the frost looks like white hair. Yep, it definitely looks like that.

Hoarfrost Sioux Falls

The Coldest Temperatures in Sioux Falls History

When a polar vortex rolls through Sioux Falls, it can get even the heartiest dreaming of indoor fires, baking, and hot chocolate.

Mr. Bendo is tough enough but for the love of Pete, someone put a scarf on the Statue of David!

All this icy chatter had us wondering about the coldest days ever recorded in Sioux Falls. Here is the historical data from the National Weather Service with the coldest temps ever recorded in Sioux Falls since record-keeping began in 1893.

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