A couple weeks ago my sons Tad and Logan were going back and forth on twitter about who picked who for the NCAA brackets. Jeff Thurn from ESPN 99.1 in Sioux Falls always makes sure I fill out a bracket so I played along.

Now, if you take a look at my bracket, it's shelled. Other than North Carolina I'm cooked. Most brackets are.

The number of entries is staggering. According to ESPN

Number of Brackets: 13,333,343

turns out my son Tad has a bracket that's doing pretty good. Actually really good. He somehow picked the actual Final Four.

While I was at the Skyforce game Sunday night in Sioux Falls, he had texted before the North Carolina VS Kentucky game, I'm in the 99.8th percentile with my picks so far. Yep, his crazy streak continued with what looked like a crazy pick of South Carolina making it to the final four.

Then it got a little more interesting as North Carolina beat Kentucky with time expiring.

He texted back, now only 657 have the final four perfect bracket. 657 out over more than 13 million.

I think he has North Carolina to win over Gonzaga so we'll have to see how he finishes up. Should the Tar Heals win, he thinks he could finish in the top 100 in the country.

Now, he probably won't make any money for his efforts, but it's made the tournament incredibly fun to watch this year.  It's been even more fun because I had asked him for help with my bracket. He said, I don't think I've watched more than a couple of games this year.

By the way, Tad will get bragging rights at our house.

For this year anyway.

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