An investigation is underway after a cell phone was found recording video in a Family Bathroom at the Dell Rapids City Swimming Pool on Beach Ave. in the city.

Capt. Josh Phillips with the Minnehaha County Sheriffs Department said in a morning briefing a Dell Rapids city employee had found a cell phone recording in a family bathroom used mostly by pool employees.

It appears the phone may have been used on multiple days to record in the pool bathroom. Capt. Phillips said that at the time the phone was discovered it had been recording for at least 1 hour on July 17 and perhaps also on other dates.

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The phone had been placed there intentionally in an area you wouldn't normally have a cell phone. There were identifying marks on the cell phone that helped identify who it belongs to.

Authorities are conducting a forensic investigation on the phone and they will update when more information is available.

As of this morning, the juvenile male suspect is no longer employed at the swimming pool. The juvenile has not been arrested.

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