Over the years, fans of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles have developed quite a reputation. They heckle their own team mercilessly, harass opposing team's fans, and even boo Santa Claus!

And now they're trying to get one of their newest players to turn on his own parents.

You probably know by now that former South Dakota State tight end and Britton, South Dakota native, Dallas Goedert, the Eagles' second-round pick in last week's (April 27) NFL Draft, was named after his parents' favorite football team - the Dallas Cowboys. The same Cowboys who happen to be bitter rivals of the Eagles in the NFC East.

That isn't sitting too well with at least one Eagles fan, who has created a GoFundMe page to try and convince the defending Super Bowl Champs' newest player to change his name. To what? Who knows!

The page, which went online yesterday (April 30), has a stated goal of raising $1,200. So far it's pulled in a big fat goose egg!

For a guy who stands to make millions playing in the NFL, I'm not sure how much Goedert is going to be motivated by $1,200.

I'm sure once he catches his first touchdown pass in an Eagles uniform, Philly fans won't care what #88's name is!

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