Pheasant hunting is so “wildly” popular in South Dakota that it is basically a right of passage when you're a kid! This particular hunting season not only attracts South Dakotans to the outdoors, but also tourists who travel across the country for the hunt.
The "Resident Only Season" already began this past Saturday on October 10th.  The Pheasant Hunting Season officially welcomes out-of-state visitors beginning this Saturday, October 17th.
According to Simply South Dakota, the state offers around 4.5 million acres of public land to hunt pheasants freely.  Simply South Dakota explains, "Although pheasants are found statewide, the best South Dakota pheasant hunting range encompasses the eastern two-thirds of the state. Pheasants prefer agricultural fields, wooded draws, tree strips, wetlands, and set-aside acres."  South Dakota is truly the "The Pheasant Capital of the World."
South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks reports that the average annual pheasant harvest is 1.2 million pheasants during the last 10 years!  How crazy is that?!  The Pheasants Forever organization reports that the pheasant hunting season in South Dakota attracts around 150,000 hunters each year.  This number includes 85,000 non-resident hunters.  In a survey in 2015, hunters spent around $170 million, that's $140 million more than the last survey in 2013.
Let me provide this perspective:  We are still in a global pandemic.  However, South Dakota never shut down during COVID.  These circumstances have encouraged non-residents to come and visit the state. Think about the out-of-state hunters who have been inside for months.  They want to get outdoors and enjoy this notorious season in South Dakota as well as all the phenomenal attractions the state has to offer.
The South Dakota Pheasant Hunting season lasts until January 31st, 2021.  Please click here to learn more about South Dakota's licensing and hunting fees.  You could also call the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks at (605)-223-7660 for further information.
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