Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. I love decorating for it, sometimes putting on a costume, and handing candy out to the trick-or-treaters.

There has been a lot of talk here on KIKN recently about Halloween candy.  One of the overlooked candies in my opinion, is the marshmallow Peep!  "Yeah.But aren't they Easter candy?"  You are correct.

It's not just Easter.  Peeps have gotten into the Halloween act.  You can buy Pumpkins, Ghosts and chocolate mousse Cats!  As I write, I have a stash of Peeps Ghosts aging in my specially climate controlled Peep vault. It's my kitchen cupboard and it does a wonderful job of aging them until they're chewy.  Just the way I love 'em!

My wife thinks I'm crazy, but hey, I think normal is a setting on the washing machine! I could extoll the virtues of a finely aged Peep, but I'll say this: Some enjoy finely aged wines and cigars, but I'll enjoy my finely aged Peeps, thank you very much!

We at KIKN have a long history with Peeps.  Remember the "Peep Drop?"  We used to drop hundreds of brightly colored Peeps from an airplane on Good Friday with the Big Breakfast broadcasting live from the scene!

Peeps aren't just for Easter.  They're for Halloween and also for Christmas.  I'll be on the lookout for the Peeps marshmallow Christmas Trees coming soon.

Over the noon hour, I had to buy some toiletries.  I also made sure to stop by the Halloween candy aisle.  I picked up the last two packs of chocolate mousse Cats!  I'm putting them into the Peep vault tonight to enjoy on Halloween!

How do you prefer to eat your Peeps?  Please share.