If you've lived in South Dakota for a bit you know that we have some pretty cool stuff here that people elsewhere don't get exposed to until they visit our fine state. Fun things like Chislic, Kuchen, Al's Oasis, and don't get me started on South Dakota lingo.

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On second thought let's talk about how we talk. Here are just a few examples of Words With Different Meanings In South Dakota:

Pecker Pole...Other Places folks will just giggle if you say this. In South Dakota among loggers in the western part of the state, it means a young tree or sapling.

Crick...Other Places it this would describe a pane in the neck. In South Dakota it's a small slow-moving body of water or 'Creek'.

Corn...Other Places, it's just a vegetable. In South Dakota, we build a Palace with the stuff. People come from all over to see the Worlds Only Corn Palace in Mitchell.

East / West...Other Places, these are just directions. In South Dakota, they speak to a bit of a rivalry between folks that live on either side of the Missouri River.

Dinner...This is tricky. Other Places, it's the evening meal as in “Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner”. In South Dakota, it tends to be the midday meal as in “Breakfast, Dinner, & Supper”

The Hills...Other Places, it's an MTV reality television series. In South Dakota, it's where you go to see Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and other vacation destinations.

Canaries...Other Places, it's a cute little yellow songbird. In South Dakota, it's a professional baseball team in Sioux Falls with a mascot is named Cagey.

Hot Beef...;Other Places, it might be an overheated cow. In South Dakota, it's a delicious sandwich you'll find served with large amounts of gravy.

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