What happens when songwriter extraordinaire 'Lee Brice' gets together with friends Thomas Rhett, his dad, Rhett Akins and Luke Laird.  I'll tell you what happens...

It's a 'Parking Lot Party!'

Last summer I had the privilege of meeting Lee Brice at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.  Before they show, he mentioned that 'Truck' was going to be his next single. You know what?  That's worked out pretty good for Lee.  Now, it's starting to look like Parking Lot Party is the next single from an album that's jam packed full of great country goodness. Oh, and this Luke Laird?  I saw a quote from him on his Twitter feed that makes me 'feel good in the belly.'

Laird Said on Twitter:  I high-fived Dog The Bounty Hunter last night. My hand still smells like Winston cigarettes.

Sounds like a fun crew to hang with.  Oh, and sounds like a great song to me. You're welcome!

Check out this sample from the song.  It's Kickin'!

Tell me this isn't going to sound great coming out of your radio.  Tell me this song isn't going to be cranked to 11 at parties.  Lee and the crew, this one sounds like fun!