We can all agree we have to do something. If we can all be honest we have no idea where to start helping kids heal and deal with this changing world.

The battle of who has the most clever meme bashing each others position is adult driven, and no solutions will come from it. The 'go to' answers from both political sides seem to be telling the other side what they need to change, and little or nothing to do with helping this next generation.

Like most of us I’ve been trying to dissolve and sift through all the noise and thick fog of confusion that is so heavy with anger and light on solution. Seems the suggestions throughout history are always the same: Everyone else needs to change.

There is so much yelling across the isles, and over the heads of the children drinking in our actions. Kids who are looking to us for comfort, wisdom, foundation, and adult like presence.

This movie Paper Tigers looks like it has some answers. I haven't seen it but from watching the trailer it looks like something we all need to at least give a shot. I would encourage you to at least take 3:00 minutes and watch the trailer.

There is a free screening of Paper Tigers followed by a discussion Tuesday (May 22)  night in Sioux Falls. The screening is from 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM and is hosted by Children's Home Society of South Dakota at Trinity Baptist Church, 2400 18th Street Sioux Falls.

I can't tell you what will heal future generations but I can tell you what wont: blame, fear, anger, sarcasm, and catchy memes all offer less than solutions. We need to start learning from people who have legit answers. I can only endorse the trailer, but I will be there to see if the movie has as much promise as the trailer does.

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