Levitt 2021 Season Opener: Ranky Tanky
Pull out the lawn chairs and umbrellas as it's time for live music at the Levitt Shell in Downtown Sioux Falls.
The first performance takes place tomorrow, June 6 with the lawn opening at 6:00 pm; giving you plenty of time to get a great spot...
South Dakota’s Most Expensive Restaurant
You might be guessing that the state's most expensive place to dine is in Sioux Falls, or maybe even Rapid City, but according to the Daily Meal, it's nowhere near either of South Dakota's two biggest metros. In fact, it's closer to the middle of the state.
Okoboji Is Ready For Alot of Fun This Summer
Okoboji, Iowa is a great local vacation spot for many midwesterners.
It's can also be an attractive place for families because of all the different activities it offers to guests both in and out of the water.
And now that we are beginning to see COVID slowly become less of a restriction for travel and…
Can South Dakotans Use Expired Sunscreen and Still Be Protected?
Every year when summer came around we can all remember a family member repurchasing some more sunscreen for those anticipated outdoor activities.
Now as I kid I was told that sunscreen 'goes bad' and should be repurchased each year in order to make sure it would still protect the wearer aga…

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