I strongly dislike the word ‘like’.

I didn’t used to. But as our spoken language continues to devolve, with more people peppering ‘like’ into their conversations, I have found the mere utterance of that word (outside of its intended use) males me feel like tiny knitting needles are being driven into my eardrums by a ball-peen hammer.

So which word do you absolutely loathe?

Recently, the folks at Oxford Dictionaries (who know a thing or two about words) wanted to find out, and began an international poll on their blog.

The results were actually quite predictable.

According to The Guardian, the word ‘moist’ was the most hideous word spoken in both the United States and Great Britain, while people down under, in Australia and New Zealand, retched at the thought of the word ‘phlegm’.

Things were a bit more confusing in the Netherlands, where ‘war’ and ‘love’ were running neck and neck.

Sadly, the other predictable result – after more than 8,000 submissions, the responses started getting more and more off-color, leaving Oxford no choice:

We regret to inform users that due to severe misuse we have had to remove this feature from our website.

So which is your least favorite word in the English language? Let us know right now on our Facebook page.

Please keep it clean! We would ‘like’ really appreciate it…

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