When the world admired the man that Roy Rogers was, I believe we were better people. Being the good guy was the right thing to do at all times.

Being kind, honest, strong and treating others with respect, all led to a better way of life. What Roy gave to the world was special.

Not only a good influence to adults, but more importantly to children. Everyone that was a kid during Roy's day, will admit that having that hero to pattern themselves after made them follow a better direction in life.

And along with all that, Roy Rogers gave us some darn good entertainment! I want to share a list of things that I find interesting about his unmatched credits.

  • He was the only man voted into The Country Music Hall Of Fame twice. In 1980 as a member of the Original Sons Of The Pioneers and again in 1988 as an individual artist.
  • He appeared in more than 100 films, starring in 87 of them.
  • He starred in his own NBC TV series for 6 years from 1951 to 1957, with his wife Dale Evans.
  • The Roy Rogers Show, before the TV series, ran on the radio for 9 years.
  • Was the number one western star at the box office for 12 straight years.
  • At one time Roy Rogers was second only to Walt Disney in souvenir sales and licensing. Roy's estate at one time was valued at over 100 million dollars.
  • Roy and his wife Dale appeared in 35 movies together, plus the TV show and were together 51 years.


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