Certain South Dakota landmarks and visitor destinations are already busier than they've been for a while. And not because of the lifting of lockdowns and travel restrictions - but because of a movie.

The film 'Nomadland' recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film, starring Frances McDormand, also won the Golden Globes for Best Drama and Best Director.

The film features strong South Dakota ties and people are flocking to the Rushmore State to see this beautiful landscape for themselves. We can expect larger crowds at the scenic overlooks at the Badlands.

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According to the Rapid City Journal, the sites that see an uptick in tourists are Reptile Gardens and Wall Drug Store, a cowboy-themed roadside attraction. Badlands National Park is also featured in the movie.  

The movie's storyline follows a woman named Fern who just lost her husband to cancer and takes to the road to deal with grief and to begin a new life. She finds herself settling down in South Dakota.

The New York Times calls it "stunning and beautifully written" and is well worth checking out as we'll recognize the scenery in almost every frame of the film.

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