See how clean the public men's room is in this picture? That's the way is supposed to stay.

For some reason, some dude's mommy's didn't teach them how to act in public. How about being respectful of others' property?

Now I've never had occasion to venture into a women's public restroom, but I'll bet they are not crime scene disasters like most men's rooms.

Like just about every other guy, if given a choice I won't use a Public Men's Room. Some are just horror shows.

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I don't know why guys do things in a public bathroom that they'd never do in their parents of own house. And they for darn sure wouldn't pull some of that crap (sorry...) around their wife. I assume some of these doorknobs have wives.

Do they realize that someone has to clean up their mess? Here are just a couple of things Guys Need To Do In Sioux Falls Public Restrooms...

Flush The Toilet When You Are Done: What's the problem? If you can't take the time to show a little courtesy and flush the john when you are done maybe just go do your business deep in the woods where you belong.

Don't Break Doors or Kick Walls: If you have ever ripped a men's room stall door off the hinges you are not a big tuff guy. You are a jerk.

Don't Write On The Stall Walls: No one cares how many words you can rhyme with “Johnson” or who you think someone should “call for a good time”. If you are on the latrine long enough to write a poem you probably have some bigger fiber issues.

Take Careful Aim: It ain't rocket science Sunshine. If need be keep a couple of Cheerios in your pocket for your public peeing performance tasks. Toss one in the can before you take a leak so you have something to aim at. It worked for my two-year-old son, it can help you potty train too.

Don't Splash Water All Over The Place: Unless you are drowning there is no reason to splash around in that sink. And if you do get "wash closet aggressive", clean up after yourself.

Put Used Paper Towels In The Trash: If your mom didn't teach you how to clean up after yourself, Google it. I'm sure there is a Youtube video that will fetch ya up a bit.

Oh...and how about a little “Urinal Etiquette”? If there are multiple urinals for you to choose from don't take the one in the middle. You go way down to the end. That's the rule. And if I am using the urinal on the end don't use the one available right next to me. This is not a social event. There should be at least a "one urinal buffer" between the two of us. That's the rule.

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