Apparently, someone has a bone to pick with annoying, inconsiderate, fruit-grazing shoppers.

Let's call her Hazel shall we? We've changed her name at her request (and to protect the innocent or peeved, as it were).

Hazel emailed us with a blazing indictment against Sioux Falls grocery store shoppers. And she means all shoppers, in all stores. Not just particular stores. All grocery, retail, supermarket, and general merchandise shoppers, in all of these locations, are on her list!

She was nice enough to organize her thoughts for us:

  • Ten items or less - - Means 10 ITEMS OR LESS!  Come on, be considerate to other shoppers & the checkout person. The one & only reason to push over into this line is if there is no one else around & the clerk invites you to do it.
  • Grazers - -This isn't a pasture and you're not an animal. Those grapes, blackberries, and other fruits, are sold by the pound, not GIVEN AWAY by the piece!
  • Bulk bins - These products are also sold by weight and are not a personal snack bar just for you! Weigh it, put a tag on it & then eat all you want. Heck, empty the bag, as long as you pay for it!
  • Who uses checks anymore? - Really?! Well - - if you do, fill everything out before you get to the checkout, except the amount.
  • Kids - Keep your adorable little nippers under control. If they're too big to be in your cart, hold their hand, or put them on a leash as you stroll through the store.
  • Damaging merchandise - If you drop fruit, like that apple you were playing toss with, buy it and make applesauce or something.  Don't just hide it. If you drop a can & dent it, buy it. The interior is fine.
  • Opening cosmetic products - to smell or try them...just - Yuck!
  • Driving your cart - Unless you're at the Indy or Daytona 500. Speeding and weaving in and out of traffic are not acceptable. And for the love of all that is shopping - - keep to the right, pass cautiously, and don't walk off in a daze, leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle.

Boy, can that Hazel organize her thoughts or what? Hopefully, she hasn't lost the will to live and/or shop!

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