Admit it, you've made a few bad decisions at a bar. Maybe you've danced on a table, made out with a stranger in a bathroom stall or just drank way too many rum and cokes.

It's o.k., the bartenders and servers have seen it all. By the way, my examples are not personal experiences - at least from what I can remember.

Where were your bad decisions made?  Opie's?  Jamz?  Night City?  Homer's?

A website has put together a list of the 'Top 27 Bad Decision Bars in America.'  Some of their choices were The Ginn Mill in Denver, Colorado and The Library Bar and Grill in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So, what is a 'Bad Decision Bar?'  This is what the website said:

You know that bar down the street from your place that has board games and does British comedy trivia every Wednesday night? The one you took your Mom to, and she called it "quaint?" These bars wipe the floor with that bar. Actually, they probably never wipe the floor at all. And while you might never know what that stickiness underfoot is, you do know that it -- and the allure of cheap booze and neon lights -- is keeping you there, and that the night ahead is going to be much more interesting as a result.

Out of the thousands of bars in America, the website chose one South Dakota bar and it's located near Sturgis, South Dakota.  The Broken Spoke Saloon is located 11 miles from Sturgis in Vale, SD.

Basically, during the yearly motorcycle rally, the entire city of Sturgis -- and a big chunk of the Black Hills -- turns into one big bad-decision bar. That the Spoke still stands out as one of the rowdiest spots in town (it's kind of like Mos Isley, but with more leather jackets and boobs) is saying something. Oh, and there's a campground, just in case you want that bad decision-making to spill into a stranger's tent.

If you're heading out to Sturgis for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, make sure to stop at the infamous Broken Spoke Saloon and dance on a table, make out with a stranger in a bathroom stall and drink a few rum and cokes.

Here is the list of the other bars that made the list.