All this week, crews from the City of Sioux Falls will be traveling throughout the city to check up on the structural integrity of a number of bridges.

The regularly scheduled bi-annual inspections will be performed by crews using a snooper truck.

During each inspection, temporary lane closures will be in effect.

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The inspection schedule (weather permitting):

Monday, June 6
• Russell Street Bridges over the Big Sioux River

Tuesday, June 7
• 10th Street Bridge Downtown over the railroad tracks

Wednesday, June 8
• Cliff Avenue Bridge south of I-229 over the Big Sioux River
• Bahnson Avenue Bridge north of Rice Street over the Big Sioux River

Thursday, June 9
• Minnesota Avenue Bridge by the Sioux Falls Regional Airport over the Big Sioux River
• Benson Road Bridge east of Minnesota Avenue over the Big Sioux River

Friday, June 10
• Cliff Avenue Bridge south of 10th Street over the Big Sioux River
• 41st Street Bridge by O’Gorman High School over the Big Sioux River
• 12th Street Bridge west of Grange Avenue over the railroad tracks

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