You're pressed for time. There's no time to let the defroster melt the ice from your windshield that your plastic ice scraper couldn't cut through a wet paper bag.  What now?

There's a hack that I learned a few years ago that easily and quickly melts away ice and all you will need are some items that you probably have around the house.

  • Find an empty spray bottle that you can use to mix up a solution.
  • Fill up a third of the bottle with water
  • Fill the other two-thirds with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and shake it up.

That's it!

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This solution works because the freezing point of rubbing alcohol is well below the coldest of South Dakota mornings, -128 degrees.  And because the solution won't freeze, you can carry the bottle in your vehicle and it will always be ready.

Now, what about preventing foggy or frosty windows on the inside?

Fill up an old sock with cat litter and leave it on the dashboard.  If old socks on the dashboard aren't your thing, then keep them under a seat.  The litter pulls moisture from the interior that would otherwise become frost on the glass.

To help the cat litter trick work better, remove snow from your shoes before getting in your car and remove any snow that accumulates on the floor.

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