Students at a Long Island, New York elementary school have decided they've had enough - enough of homework that is. The fifth-grade class has started a petition drive to - are you ready for this - ban all homework.

The fifth-graders argue homework is too stressful to help most students learn. Instead of sitting with their nose in a book, they say kids should be outside playing.

The students decided to make it a real-life lesson by circulating petitions throughout the school district asking whether homework should be done away with.

And now school officials within the district say the students may just have a point. The district's assistant superintendent says the district is considering several alternatives - one involving parents having to ask for homework for their children.

School officials hope to have the new homework policy - whatever that ultimately turns out to be - ready to go by the start of the next school year.

Suppose we'll ever see a student-led movement like this here in Sioux Falls? My guess is probably not - but it's not a bad idea. If only I were a few years younger.

Source: New York 4

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