It's official folks, the show that allowed quarterback Aaron Rodgers to tell the football world to R-E-L-A-X has produced some unfortunate news: Rodgers will no longer continue his radio show for a fifth season. ESPN 540 in Milwaukee broke the news that the all-star quarterback will no longer be continuing his radio show "Tuesdays with Aaron".

I know what you're thinking and yes you've read that right and no you're not crazy. Aaron Rodgers indeed has been involved with his own radio show for the past four years but unfortunately the show will be no more. The man of many talents has decided to hang up the radio career leaving some of us (myself included) wishing we could've heard more.

As to the reason why Rodgers decided to cut his radio career short we may never know. Maybe it was the high stakes pressure of radio, or maybe it was too much time away from Olivia Munn that did him in. Regardless of the reason the show must go on no matter who's on board.

It's certainly a tough pill to swallow when one moment you discover that your favorite quarterback has a radio show only to realize that you need to change the HAS a radio show to HAD a radio show. Fear not cheese head fanatics, while you may no longer be able to hear the information straight from the horse's mouth, there are still plenty of ways to satisfy your Aaron Rodgers information fix.