Two days a year those who live for living the outdoor life in Minnesota react almost the same. Overwhelming joy and utter sadness. Welcome to the State of Ice Fishing!

Just as soon as the ice is thick enough anglers are converting from fishing out of their Lund boats to custom-built shacks they will pull, push or drive out onto their frozen home for the next few months.

For Minnesotans some consider ice fishing their other season next to hockey and football. Really feel sorry for the baseball fans.

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Well, the first Monday of March is here and so come the tears. Under the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regulations, those fishing between Moorhead and Duluth to the south must remove all ice shacks no later than midnight tonight.

If your fish house is located to the north of that line, you have another two weeks. March 21 is the deadline to remove all shacks in the northern part of Minnesota.

Not to confuse you but here is something you may not know; after the removal dates, shelters may remain on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise but only when occupied or attended.

Other important reminders when removing your shelter includes the removal of all products, litter, and trash. If not, you could be issued a citation.


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