I was on the book of face, otherwise known as Facebook, the other day and I came across an article that a friend of mine had shared. It was about the dangers of leaving water on your bedside table over night.

I thought it seemed so crazy that I had to read the article. Apparently some people with time on their hands did a study or experiment and found that quote,

The Discovery News said that microbes could easily pollute plain water. Food contains proteins and sugar to prevent that, but water does not. When the water gets in touch with air after some time it absorbs a small amount of CO2. This means that the water partially is transformed in carbonic acid with changed chemical properties.

Not only that, but apparently the water gets exposed to dust and bacteria as well.

It goes on to say something about how side effects might not show up right away, but why risk drinking the water? They don't mention what the side effects are exactly, but I kind of think this is all fooey.

I literally have a glass of water sitting around somewhere in my apartment at all times. Not only that, but I also have a glass I keep at work that usually just keeps getting refilled and refilled. Sometimes it gets empty and other times I just add to what was left overnight. And I'm still alive!

I mean this was an article I saw shared on Facebook on a website I've never hear of, mamabee.com, so I don't think I'll put too much weight into its findings.

Call me crazy.

Do you keep water on your nightstand? Do you find you have any issues after drinking it?


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