Surveillance footage of private property shows a man checking the front door on consecutive days during the early morning hours. It is a signal that criminals are looking for unsecured buildings or items.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says they are aware of the suspect’s actions near 69th Street and Louise Avenue. Clemens cautions citizens that similar acts can happen in any part of the city.

“There’s probably any number of reasons why this person keeps going back to that neighborhood. Two nights in a row is pretty concerning. (It’s important to) call police and let them know that this is what happened. If you have it on video, share it with us. We can hopefully identify him. Though he wasn’t able to get into that house, there is a good chance that he was breaking into other homes.”

Clemens underscores that criminals will take advantage of an easy opportunity if it is presented to them. The suspect, in this case, is still at large.


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