Sunday morning we were cold in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I saw reports of -22 all the way down to -26. In other words. Cold. Darn cold. Minot, North Dakota Cold!

My wife and I spent a couple years in Minot. When it gets cold there, it's a different kind of things don't work cold. Cars won't start. Sometimes they won't run after they start and things just get complicated.

Sunday morning it was the same. My son Logan called from Kadoka and said he was having trouble with the latch on the hood of his pickup. I told him, forecast is for near 20 this afternoon, wait and see what happens when it warms up a bit.

Then Jake called. The brake light (Thanks Julie) on the Impala was on. After I thought about it I asked if maybe the emergency break switch (electric) might have accidentally got pressed in. Turns out it was. Gloves on in cars mean sometimes buttons get pressed that you don't think were pressed.

Then Tad called from Brookings. Pipes hadn't burst but water wasn't moving. My bad there. I should have remembered that old trailer house trick of letting it trickle overnight. You know, letting the water run just a bit can sometimes help.

In defense of us all, it had been a while. When we lived in Minot, we got pretty good at it. We knew when it hit -5 we might have trouble. -10 and we would have issues.

My guess is, you had a few cold weather Oh Yeahs that came up over night. If you did, make sure you share them with our Facebook and Twitter followers. Then, we might be able to use what happened to you, next time it gets COLD again.

Now, I just have to figure out how to run an electric cord under my 3rd stall garage door without having it freeze the door shut all the time.

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