Here we go with another 'glowing report' for the Sioux Falls Parks Department. Just when I thought it was as good as it could be, city officials opted to equip Harmodon Park with a new super-highway.

OK, it's not a super-highway, but it is a concrete path, a bit wider than the original blacktop, and from what I can see so far, quite an improvement.

When we moved into our house in 2004 Harmodon Park didn't exist so it's been fun to watch how it has evolved over the years. The trees are getting bigger and most nights you can hear or see a baseball or softball game being played in the distance. Neighbors I've talked to love having the park either in their backyard or nearby. Now, they'll like it even more.

The path through the park is certainly popular. Walkers, bikers, joggers, and dog walkers alike use the path daily. Travel, for now, has been slowed as workers construct our new superhighway through the park. Two thumbs up Sioux Falls!

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