Every week we strive for success in the workplace.  We want to put our best foot forward. However, our performances could be lacking significant-quality if we are working in cold environments.  This could be especially true for women.

A new study from the PLOS One journal shows that women perform better in warmer environments than men.  Women's math and verbal tasks excel in warmer offices.  Men, on the other hand, work better in the office when it's cold.

Agne Kajackaite was the study's leader.  She, along with other researchers tested over 500 college women which included completing a cognitive test involving such tasks as adding double-digit numbers, solving word problems, and creating words from 10 random letters.  The PLOS One study results indicated, "While the impact wasn’t large from a percentage perspective in terms of how many questions they (women) got right, Agne Kajackaite says it matters since temperature preferences in the workplace usually 'vary by more than a single degree,' which compounds the results."

Moral of the story for women: Don't be afraid to turn up the heat in the office if you're cold!

Source: PLOS One 

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