Sioux Falls is adding some new places to grab some coffee and sandwiches but they are both certainly familiar faces.

There will be a new Starbucks and Capriotti's opening soon in a new development on Louise Avenue right across from Williquors and Wells Fargo near the 69th street intersection.

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This will be the second location for the sandwich selling Capriotti's as their other locations is located in the Lake Lorraine shopping area.

The latest Starbucks in Sioux Falls marks the 14th location in the area and is the most southern location in the Sioux Empire.

You've all probably seen the development in that area continue to expand, from originally being a hotel driven area, it has filled in with Cornerstone Bank, WilLiquors and much more including these latest additions.

It's very cool to see the city of Sioux Falls grow and businesses like Starbucks and Capriotti's add more locations throughout the area.

For more information on Capriotti's, you can visit their website and for more information on the new Starbucks, you can visit their website as well. 


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