A move that many thought would pave the way for sports betting to be prevalent across the state of South Dakota and eventually create mobile wagering everywhere may have been a failure before it starts.

Legislation has now been filed following the passing of Amendment B in November and it would require that all wagers take place inside a Deadwood establishment.

According to Kelolnd, "Senate Bill 44 from the state Department of Revenue would require that bets be placed inside an establishment licensed by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming."

Furthermore, it states that no employees will be able to wager and there will be no bets taken on minor league games, high school events or any competitions featuring South Dakota teams or Universities.

The main problem with this legislation is it doesn't include mobile betting statewide and that is absolutely pointless. Not only is Deadwood a remote place in South Dakota, it doesn't have the same sort of revenue streams all year long as a place like Sioux Falls or Rapid City.

It almost seems like the people in power looked at the sports betting failures of other states and decided, yep, let's follow those mistakes and do it ourselves.

As Iowa hit $100 million wagered in the month of December, the state of South Dakota continues to drag their heels and make poor decisions that will cost them millions in tax revenue.

Hopefully, smarter heads will prevail and they will get this legislation on the right track so the voters won't be overruled by self-interest politicians.

The 2021 South Dakota Legislature opens up this Tuesday in Pierre and if you would like more information on the state of South Dakota you can visit the state's website. 

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