A pair of Sioux Falls streets are about to get a little safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

The City’s Public Works and Planning and Development Services departments, the Health Department’s Live Well Sioux Falls program are working in conjunction on two new 'pop-up' projects to create better spaces for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Funding from an AARP Community Challenge Grant is paying for a protected bike lane at 49th Street and Oxbow Avenue and a pedestrian 'bump-out' at 11th Street and Dakota Avenue in the downtown area.

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The projects, which will be operational tomorrow (June 9) will be using a quick-build infrastructure product from Minnesota-based DezignLine.

11th Street Curb Extension

The 11th Street and Dakota Avenue curb extension will provide a barrier between pedestrians and vehicle traffic and create a shorter crossing distance across Dakota Avenue.

Oxbow Avenue Protected Bike Lane

The 49th Street and Oxbow Avenue protected bike lane will use an on-street route to connect riders to segments of the recreational trail in the area of Sertoma Park.

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