As we look back on history years from now, we'll look back at the second week of March 2020 as a time when things changed. People stocked up and in many cases locked down. In regards to the situation and not to make light of it in any way, I have decided to rebel somewhat and stray away from the normal, challenges facing us today.

Take for instance this chew toy for dogs featured above. Much has been made in recent times of the hazard of stepping on the common LEGO in the middle of the night. We all have obstacles and hazards that can be inadvertently left behind in households only to be found by an unsuspecting barefoot homeowner or apartment dweller. May I present, the dogs chew toy?

Just when you get the kids out of the house and legos picked up the dog comes along and doesn't get the memo to keep things in the house picked up!

What other 'day to day,' non-Coronavirus obstacles do you have at your place? If you have one, or two share them with me. You can email me anytime at

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