Remember the talk around the outdoor smoking post that cigarette makers and tobacco companies would have to start putting graphic images on the packaging to dissuade people from buying their product? The photos were to feature diseased lungs, tracheotomy holes and other gross warnings.

Big Tobacco sued the move in 2011. Fast forward to 2013 and a judge has stamped out that proposed mandate by ruling that the requirement's "threats and fear" violated their First Amendment protections to sell a lawful product.

For now, smokers may have to enjoys the usual written warning on the side of their pack of smokes such as the usual, low birth weight, product contains carbon monoxide, and this product has been known to cause cancer in lab rats.

These are not as entertaining as the one-time "collect Marlboro Miles and win cool a track suit!"

With that story burning a hole in the news, we thought we'd feature this actual PSA from the Canada Health Ministry in the latest anti-smoking campaign which asks the question "Is it better to be a social smoker, or a social farter?"

This just in: Anti-smoking lobbyists in Canada have officially run out of ideas.