In Sioux Falls, we are truly fortunate to experience different entertainment opportunities. Whether it's going to a concert, eating at one of the many fine restaurants or taking in a local sporting event, Sioux Falls really has something for everyone.

The next time you want to spend a fun night out with family or friends, why not consider attending a Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball game! The games are exciting, and it's a terrific event for the entire family to enjoy!

Although Sioux Falls is not home to any professional major league teams, going to minor league games like the Sioux Falls Skyforce gives sports fans the opportunity to see the future. The Sioux Falls Skyforce is just one minor league team that's part of the Sioux Falls sports experience.

As part of the NBA G-League organization, the Sioux Falls Skyforce consists of players working towards going to the NBA. The team’s roster can also feature NBA players who are rehabilitating injuries as part of the healing process necessary to return to a major league organization or previous NBA players. The  Sioux Falls Skyforce is lucky to showcase a great mix of talented athletes from across the country.

Late last week, I had the opportunity to watch a Sioux Falls Skyforce contest. Even though the team relinquished a five-game winning streak at home, the Sioux Falls Skyforce still put on a great show against the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Here are some of the fun moments from that game.

Sioux Falls Skyforce

The Sanford Pentagon provides a terrific experience for the fans. Pentagon representatives informed this Skyforce fan he was going to play this giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. was a dance-off!

Sioux Falls Skyforce

Some of these kids might have a future in the NBA!

Sioux Falls Skyforce

Guard Mario Chalmers starts at the top of the key and swings the ball to the right to Chandler Hutchinson. He skips it into the paint to Center Micah Potter who then passes to Stewart on the right arc to drive it in for the basket. It was a great play!

Both teams put on the show for the fans in the stands. There was a lot of dunking taking place.

The Skyforce tried to motion their way to the basketball. Unfortunately, Guard Mike Smith had to throw a shot up since the shot clock was winding down.

Sioux Falls Skyforce

Even though the Skyforce was down, Thunder was doing everything he could to pump up the crowd!

Sioux Falls Skyforce

The 3-point arc was on the Skyforce's side. Forward Sam Thompson was able to get the ball rolling for his team with this huge 3-point shot.

Guard Javonte Smart wanted a piece of the 3-point action. He had a couple of great shots from the arc that night. This was one of them.

The Skyforce finally was able to dunk their way to the basket. Potter managed to get the crowd on its feet with this dunk.

It was a valiant effort from the Skyforce, however there just wasn't enough time to pull out a victory.

The Sioux Falls Skyforce will be back in action at the Sanford Pentagon on Thursday, March 3rd against the Texas Legends.

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