Every day can be National Doughnut Day if you want it to be. We'll take any excuse to visit a doughnut shop and indulge in a little treat.

The best doughnut shop in South Dakota

There is only one question that remains…where is the best doughnut shop in South Dakota?

Whether you live in the East River or West River area, great doughnut shops can be found across the state.

Doughnuts are part of a sweet breakfast. See if you agree with this top doughnut shop list from Best Things South Dakota. While you're reading, you might as well have a doughnut or two!

Five of the top doughnut shops in South Dakota are:

Try a delectable doughnut today because you deserve it!

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So where will you find the best donut in South Dakota?

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Gone But Not Forgotten - Iconic Sioux Falls: Whiffer's Sandwiches

The Merriam-Webster definition of iconic is "widely recognized and well-established." That would definitely describe Whiffer's Sandwiches which used to call North Minnesota Avenue home.

The gone but not forgotten sandwich shop was located in an old house at 1133 North Minnesota Avenue. It served sandwiches to Sioux Falls from November 1978 until the summer of 2020. 

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown

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