I remember the first time I saw Ned LeDoux. Pretty sure he was one of the two drummers when Chris LeDoux played the Sioux Falls arena. Probably around 1997. His cowboy hat was pulled down so far his ears were sticking out. I kind of liked that. Seemed to me his approach was pretty much the same as settling in for a ride on a bronc.

One of the next times I saw Ned was with Dustin Evans (Good Times Band) in Nashville. We stayed out way too late and had too much fun that night. While we were talking about important stuff at The Backstage in Nashville, TN I asked him, "So what's in your future? Gonna follow in your dads footsteps?' His reply was pretty simple, I think it went something like, "Yeah, well, we'll see."

Ned toured around paying dues with Dustin Evans and Good Times. They have played many gigs together. From The Sioux Empire Fair to Bull Riding's in Presho, SD  Slowly, Ned moved out of the shadows, picked up the guitar and moved his way to the front of the stage. This weekend, you'll have a chance to see what he's been up to and the work he's put in as Ned LeDoux and Western Underground (Chris's former band) are set to play The Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, IA.

Tickets for the show are available now for the Saturday, January 14 show.

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