You've never had deviled eggs like this before!

Over the holiday weekend, I came across a photo on Facebook that stopped me dead in my tracks. The post was from a place called Deviled Egg Co. in Omaha, Nebraska, and it featured some of the most unusual deviled eggs I've ever seen!

I've only ever had one variety of deviled eggs in my life, so I was shocked to see flavors like Crab Rangoon, Buffalo Chicken Ranch, and Walking Taco. It's no surprise that the post quickly went viral. It currently has over 30,000 shares!

According to their website, Deviled Egg Co. was founded by Raechel Van Buskirk and is "the first company in world to specialize in gourmet deviled eggs." Raechel's favorite is the Chicken Caesar Salad egg, topped with romaine lettuce, parmesan, croutons, dressing, and grilled chicken.

Deviled Egg Co. has its regular menu posted on its website, with other special flavors featured on Facebook. Here are the different deviled eggs available on the website and the ingredients for each one:

  • Backyard BBQ - pulled pork, BBQ sauce, dill pickle
  • BLTE - ranch base, tomato, bacon, lettuce
  • Buffalo Blue - blue cheese, Frank's Buffalo Sauce
  • Buffalo Chicken Ranch - Frank's Buffalo Sauce, grilled chicken, ranch, onion
  • Cali Roll - crab mix, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce
  • Chick-Fil-Egg - grilled chicken, Chick-Fil-A Sauce
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch - chicken, bacon, shredded cheese, ranch
  • Chicken Caesar - lettuce, parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing, grilled chicken
  • Crab Rangoon - cream cheese, sweet & sour sauce, wontons
  • Everything - everything bagel seasoning
  • Miracles Happen - Miracle Whip & yellow mustard
  • Jalapeno Popper - jalapeno, bacon, chipotle sauce
  • Reuben - corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing
  • Salmon - smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill, red onion
  • South of the Border - hot sauce, cheddar cheese, jalapeno
  • Sriracha Bacon - Sriracha sauce, bacon
  • Traditional - mayo, Dijon mustard
  • Tuna Salad - tuna, celery, onion, traditional mix
  • Walking Taco - grilled chicken, refried beans, Mexican filling, sharp cheddar cheese, Nacho Cheese Doritos, onion, lettuce, sour cream

My favorite thing to eat at holiday parties is deviled eggs, so I'm more than willing to try almost all of these flavors! The restaurant has 4.9 stars on Facebook, so clearly, people LOVE them. The next time I'm passing through Omaha, I will definitely be making a stop!

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