I would think it’s safe to say that the majority of people don’t like to go out and run just for fun. But one man from Nebraska took his passion for running to a whole new level, jogging across the country in a mere 42 consecutive days.

Pete Kostelnick, 29, is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He just completed the run of his life by breaking a record for running from coast to coast. In just 42 days, six hours and 34 minutes, Kostelnick ran almost 3,100 miles, from San Francisco to New York City.

Now this sounds crazy, right? How could someone do this in just 42 days? Well, the details get even more unbelievable.

In order to beat the previous record of 46 days, set in 1980, Kostelnick had to run about 73 miles and 15 hours per day. He would begin around 3:30am and only take two 15-minute breaks during the day. He went through eight pairs of shoes during his unthinkable trek.

Kostelnick, whose day job is working as a financial planner, has now been referred to as the modern-day Forrest Gump. I mean, how can someone run literally all day, hardly get any sleep, not eat a ton of food and still have the energy to do this?

He did take one day off, but out of a total 42 days, that’s incredibly impressive.

According to the Lincoln Star, the support for Kostelnick was staggering. He had over 500 runners jog along with him at some point. Some would join for a couple hundred feet or a few miles, but up to 50 spent more than a few hours by his side.

My hats off to you, Pete Kostelnick. I can barely run a mile and last time I ran outside…I sprained my ankle. I commend you!

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