It would seem that everything everywhere has been affected by CORONAVIRUS. Everything including the NBA. I recently read that the NBA is forking over 1.5 MILLION dollars a day to play their games under a bubble in Orlando, Florida. Come on Adam Silver, you could have saved a ton and reached out to the world and included the nation's heartland at the same time. With that in mind here's my list of why they should have chosen the 'flyover state of South Dakota' as the perfect choice to close out the 2020 season.

Here are four reasons why.

4. Sioux Falls has more than enough hotel rooms to accommodate the players and personnel and we have the basketball facilities. Games could have been played at The Denny Sanford Premier Center, Sioux Sioux Falls Arena, and The Sanford Pentagon. Come to think of it, the whole thing could have been played at the Pentagon. All the courts are under one roof and the perfect facility to play multiple games at one time. Former Skyforce player Duncan Robinson would have shot lights out on Heritage Court! And Derrick Jones Jr. could have demonstrated 'airplane mode' to the world as they watched on TV.

3. If the NBA would have played at The Pentagon, Jeff Thurn and Jerry P. from ESPN 99.1 could have helped out with some of the reporting from the facility. Jeff could have been LeBron James' personal liaison and escorted him around Sioux Falls and Hartford. LeBron would have loved the Falls and dinner out at Hartford Steakhouse with Jeff and his family. The best part of playing the games at the Pentagon, the staff that works there and runs security would have done a great job and the NBA players would have loved them!

2. Sioux Falls Regional Airport. We have the airline hub to get everyone into and out of town. The fact that the Pentagon is practically within walking distance to the Pentagon is another advantage. The new Great Shots Golf close by would have provided some entertainment for the players between games. If we wanted to show the authenticity of the area, we could have had area car dealerships set players up with either a Dodge, Chevrolet or Ford pickup. That way they could blend into the landscape as they cruised around town.

1. While in Sioux Falls, Adam Silver could have met with local officials like Mayor Paul Tenhaken and discussed bringing a team to South Dakota. Obviously our first choice would be the Miami Heat but they already live in a state with advantageous tax situations in place. South Dakota would be a prime location for the players to give away less of their millions. Maybe the Toronto Raptors should consider it. Think of the money they would save instead of playing Canadian taxes, and The Denny Sanford Premier Center would be packed for every home game.

I left out the virus. If you look at the map, we have been leading the nation in keeping things open and not having a LOT of problems with CORONAVIRUS. It would have been a no-brainer and the league could have saved millions of dollars!  Let's get this story trending on twitter!

Thank you for sharing this story with all your open-minded NBA Basketball friends like Jalen and Jacoby it would be great fodder for their daily podcast. Hey, it could happen. And it should have happened. The NBA SHOULD have played the rest of the 2020 schedule here in Sioux Falls and an NBA team SHOULD be moving to town!

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