As I was slicing a piece of cheese off my block of Dimock Dairy colby and boiling a ring of Bluebird Locker German sausage on the stove, I realized some of my favorite foods are actually made right here in the Mount Rushmore state.

I decided to search my cupboards and refrigerator looking for other South Dakota made foods and came up with my Top 5.

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    Coop's Pretzels

    I was doing a live broadcast several months ago at a store and they were giving out samples of Coop's Pretzels. The salt and spice engulfed my taste buds and I was hooked. That little cup of three pretzels wasn't going to cut it. I immediately bought a bag. You can't stop eating them! Coop's Pretzels are made just outside of Tea.

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    Kaylor Locker Chislic

    Who wouldn't love deep fried pieces of meat? Growing up in South Dakota, you've probably tried chislic. Chislic purists insist on mutton chislic. Mutton is sheep that is older and the meat is fattier than lamb, the perfect meat for a juicy chunk of chislic. The Kaylor Locker at 120 West 2nd Street in Kaylor has been making chislic for over 50 years and many bars and restaurants like Meridian Corner in Freeman serve the deep fried hunks of heaven. You can also pick up a few pounds at the locker and make it at home. Don't forget the garlic salt and saltine crackers.

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    Wooden Knife Indian Fry Bread Mix

    Growing up on the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in Wagner, I've eaten my share of Indian Tacos. I've had recipes given to me on how to make fry bread, but I cannot do it. I cannot make fry bread like the experts. A Native American friend of mine told me that she found a box mix that was as authentic as on the reservation. She was right. It's a mix made in Interior, South Dakota from a company called the Wooden Knife Co.

    The Wooden Knife started as a cafe offering original Indian tacos. Patrons encouraged owner, Ansel WoodenKnife to market his fry bread mix. He opened a manufacturing plant behind the cafe and now produces boxes and pouches of Wooden Knife fry bread mix. To my delight, I also learned that he now makes a frozen fry bread dough.

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    Bluebird Locker German Sausage

    The Bluebird Locker is located on Main Street in Delmont, South Dakota. A big favorite of mine is their German sausage. It's homemade with the perfect amount of spice. You can grill it in the summer, but I prefer mine boiled on the stove top. There is nothing better than Bluebird German sausage and a side of fried potatoes. I'm not a fan of casing, so I take the casing off, slice the sausage into little circles after it's cooked, then fry them.

    I also get all of my hamburger at the Bluebird Locker. It's lean and so tasty. It won't be swimming in a pan of grease as you fry it. Try the many products offered at the Bluebird including steaks, brats, roasts, and even chicken and pork.

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    Dimock Dairy Cheese

    Dimock Dairy in Dimock, South Dakota is the oldest cheese plant in South Dakota. I grew up eating Dimock cheese. My favorite is the Colby cheese. Some grocery stores carry it in Sioux Falls. I buy a block every week. Today, they make several varieties of cheese including tomato & basil, black pepper cheese and even ghost pepper cheese. I'm sure ghost pepper cheese is delicious, but I won't be trying that one. If you can't find Dimock cheese in your store, you can purchase their products on their website or take a road trip to Dimock. It's just 15 minutes south of Mitchell on Highway 37. Make sure you try the cheese curds too. So squeaky and good.

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