Lists and choices. That's really what life boils down to. We all make lists and choices. Lists of things we want to do, lists of places we want to go, lists of how we want to travel, and who we want to travel with. Lists and choices sound simple but it's not that simple all the time.

This past weekend, I saw people around the country making lists and choices. Lists of who they were going to hang out with. They were making lists of ways they were going to think, some were maybe making lists of ways they were going to act. Were the lists and choices they made for the good? Or not so good.

The senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN this past week has people talking and making lists and choices of how they feel, and what they're going to do about it. If you put protest on your list of things to do, I applaud you. You are correct to be upset. The United States has been built and formed and bettered because of protests.  Want to carry a sign and chant with like-minded citizens? Do it.

The ironic part of this weekend is, MOST of the people protesting, would also protest against being told what to do, where to go and what time to do it. Nobody wants to be herded around.  Unfortunately protest, when it gets violent results in someone influencing just that. Want to hang with the rock throwers? Get ready to end up being told where to go and when.

The guy that held all his body weight on the neck of a handcuffed human being had a list of things he was comfortable doing. His choice will undoubtedly yield consequences. The other policemen who stood by and watched made lists of how they would react. Their choices should also have consequences. In my opinion, they should suffer equal or MORE consequences. I was taught that standing and watching someone do something wrong, was just as bad as doing it yourself. 

Start a conversation with your kids. Ask them about their list. How are you going to act? How are you going to react?  Ask them about who they're going to hang out with, after all, the lists of people you hang out, and the choices you make together, or on your own, determine your future.

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