I've seen the My Fort Sport trailer parked in neighborhoods and kids running towards it like it was an ice cream truck.

What is My Sport Fort Sioux Falls?

My Sport Fort is a magical mobile mini-gym where kids explore a new sport each week at local daycares and preschools.

I asked owners Nate and Stacey Beckman about how My Sport Fort came about:

We launched My Sport Fort in the Sioux Falls area at the beginning of October. We are actually the second one, as our business partners started the original My sport Fort in Denver about a year ago. We had originally met with them about them possible starting something like the Tumblebus (our other business) and that give them the idea of My Sport Fort.
Working with Kids has always been a passion of ours,  and we both have been very involved coaching our children's youth team and now both coach at the high school level at our kids school.
So when we found out about my sport fort, we were all in!
They currently travel to 13 daycare’s in Sioux Falls, where Nate coaches a 30 minute lesson each week. They offer 13th sports, and each week is a different sport. Kids get to experience a taste of multiple sports all in one program.
This gym on wheels was actually built by a builder who makes tiny homes- he built it as a gym on wheels just for them. It has a sport court for flooring, but they also have turf that can be rolled out for the sports like football, soccer, golf etc
Our Sport Fort can also be rented for special events- birthday parties, company functions, etc.

For more information on My Sport Fort and booking details check out their website or their Facebook page.

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