I was paging through my "On This Date in History" book the other day and came across the story of salt water taffy. Come to find out it was actually created by accident.

Well, little did I know that while reading through the pages of that book my next million dollar idea would surface. It was like a big light bulb went off above my head.

Are you ready for this? A taffy pulling lamp, kind of like the lava lamp or the wave lamp that we all had back in the 1960's. Great idea, huh?

I remember going to get my haircut at Merlin's on main street of Chester and being mesmerized by his lava lamp and wave lamp that he had sitting on his back shelf.

I'm also that way with the taffy pulling machine in Rockerville out in the Black Hills. Whenever we're there, I have to stop by the taffy store and watch the taffy being pulled.

I could stand there for hours on end watching that thing go round and round and round. It's almost as though it has an hypnotic effect on me.

So back to my taffy pulling lamp idea. We obviously couldn't use real salt water taffy in the lamp, but there's got to be a similar type of man-made substance we could use instead.

If we could recreate that taffy pulling motion within a lamp, I really think it could take off. Hey, people laughed at the pet rock idea and looked what happened there.

Parents, just think how easy it would be to get your kids to go to bed at night. Just tell them they can watch their taffy pulling lamp for awhile. BOOM - asleep!

I'm thinking if we start now, maybe we could have the taffy pulling lamps on store shelves by this upcoming Christmas.

Million dollars here we come!!!

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