Traffic delays are definitely one of the top 5 things that drive me absolutely bonkers, I have zero patience when it comes to slow-moving traffic, or absent-minded drivers not paying attention to the road while behind the wheel.

If you were traveling on Interstate 90 Wednesday night near Sioux Falls, and you're anything like me, hopefully, you were wearing your patience pants, because you needed them big time!

KSFY TV is reporting a rather large multi-car pile-up caused one whopper of a traffic delay on Wednesday night, (September 19) around 6 PM near mile marker 384 between Humboldt and Hartford.

Cars could be seen backed up for quite a distance heading eastbound on I-90 according to the KSFY report.

At the time of the story, it was still unclear if there were any injuries that resulted from an accident which may have caused the massive backup. Or if heavy rains played a part in the traffic delay.

More details as they become available.

Source: KSFY TV

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