I have always prided myself on being an exceptional speller. My mom always believed it was the result of having a strong phonics curriculum when I was a kid. The gentleman I work with claims he studied phonics as a child also. I contend his evidence is more than sketchy, as he is the worst speller ever to hit a computer key!

But I digress (as usual). The reason I bring this up is the article I came across, listing each state's most misspelled word. Of course, being an alphabetical listing, Alabama was the first state examined.

I could not help but laugh at the word most often massacred by Alabamans- -"cousin". Come on, you know you're thinking it too! Since marrying your cousin in that state is perfectly legal, you should at least be able to spell it!

South Dakota's most misspelled word is; chaos.

Most misspelled words from our neighboring states:

  • Minnesota - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I wasn't even aware that this wacky compilation of consonants and vowels was an actual word.
  • Iowa - Vacuum. I'll admit, from time to time, I have to think about it after I type it.
  • North Dakota - Yacht. My guess is that they simply don't have a lot of these there.
  • Nebraska - Nocturnal. Hmm.

Many of our states had issues with the word, "beautiful", including, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, California, (come on don't all the beautiful people live there!) Arkansas and many more, must just be sticking with "pretty" instead!

At least one state had trouble spelling another state's name; Maine residents need spellcheck to correctly identify Connecticut.

So thank goodness for phonics and spellcheck!


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